You can have a high profile tech job even without a computer science degree

Myths. Some myths have wider acceptability in the world. They become so popular that people start to take them as fact. One such myth is that “the high paying tech job is only for programmers/coders/developers. And that you cannot get such jobs without a computer science degree from the tier 1 institutes of India”.

Break the myth that tech job is only for developers

Technology would kill education. It would take away the livelihood of many teachers!!

Every year around this time all of us keep hearing that Indian universities didn’t make it to the top 100 in QS world university rankings. There is so much buzz around the QS university rankings but still, most of us fail to understand the hype around it and those who do lament the poor state of affairs of Indian universities as highlighted by the QS Global University rankings.

What is QS World Ranking

This is the time to overhaul the learning, teaching and evaluation process

Just like him millions of students had many sleepless nights due to the uncertainty around board exams. And when finally Prime Minister Modi declared that CBSE 12th board exams will be cancelled, my brother's heart sank in despair along with millions of others. Folllowing suite, many state boards also cancelled 12th board examinations.

Hint: Getting into a top-notch college can’t ensure success

I studied there for 10 months and managed to secure a seat in IIT Kharagpur. While I was delighted for my success but not seeing some of my friends in the…

For the first time since independence, it so happened that a completely paperless Union Budget was presented on 1 Feb 2021. The budget papers were not printed instead the soft copy was made available to all the members of parliament.

Paperless: Understanding Concept & History

Enjoy Cruelty-Free Delicious Vegan Food in Goa

The year 2020 was not really a year for travel. Months of complete and partial lockdown reduced salaries, the threat of COVID-19 didn’t really allow most of us out of our respective homes. But now that the COVID cases seem to be in control in most places, also people have become used to this new reality, many of us are setting out to make plans for their new year vacation.

Sounds counter-intuitive, isn’t it? How can an egg be vegetarian/vegan? Well, friends, if you are also confused about what vegetarian egg is, how can you use it and where can you get it, then this blog is for you!!

“Anda Khane Wale Vegetarian Kisi Ke Sage Nai Hote”

Young boys try to imitate celebrities to look cool, sexy, hot, appealing and desirable. For this they end up going to the gym, eating lots of meat because their trainer told them that they need it to have a good body. They need meat for protein and whatnot. Many young boys follow their trainers blindly including my brother. Most of these people want to become like Virat Kohli or Vidyut Jamwa without realising they both do not eat meat.

Poonam Gupta

Freelance Writer, Social Media Manager, Hinduwadi, Yoga Lover and Doer

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