For the first time since independence, it so happened that a completely paperless Union Budget was presented on 1 Feb 2021. The budget papers were not printed instead the soft copy was made available to all the members of parliament.

In this blog we would talk about the meaning and importance of going paperless, the global perspective and the Indian scenario in terms of a paperless ecosystem.

Paperless means recording & relaying information by an electronic medium rather than on paper. Frederick Wilfrid Lancaster coined the term paperless in 1978.

During the 90s when computers were becoming mainstream in offices…

Enjoy Cruelty-Free Delicious Vegan Food in Goa

The year 2020 was not really a year for travel. Months of complete and partial lockdown reduced salaries, the threat of COVID-19 didn’t really allow most of us out of our respective homes. But now that the COVID cases seem to be in control in most places, also people have become used to this new reality, many of us are setting out to make plans for their new year vacation.

In case you are planning to visit Goa for a beachy vacation with your loved ones. We have got a list of the best vegan restaurants for you to indulge…

Sounds counter-intuitive, isn’t it? How can an egg be vegetarian/vegan? Well, friends, if you are also confused about what vegetarian egg is, how can you use it and where can you get it, then this blog is for you!!

Readers, basically vegetarian eggs are not conventional eggs that hens lay. The vegetarian egg means an egg that is made from plants but it tastes, feels, smells and looks like an egg when cooked. In other words, the culinary properties of this egg are very close to the conventional egg. But is 100% of plant origin..

Confused? Amazed? Clueless?

This egg…

“Anda Khane Wale Vegetarian Kisi Ke Sage Nai Hote”

I remember hearing this dialogue in a very popular series of its time Permanent Roommates. This dialogue had become very popular at that time and pure vegetarians made fun of the vegetarians who ate eggs using this line. And the latter would get defensive saying eggs are vegetarian and there would be a huge debate which never ended with a conclusion.

This has been a question of interest for most Indian vegetarians, especially youngsters, who for the religious or cultural reasons do not want to eat anything that is considered non…

Young boys try to imitate celebrities to look cool, sexy, hot, appealing and desirable. For this they end up going to the gym, eating lots of meat because their trainer told them that they need it to have a good body. They need meat for protein and whatnot. Many young boys follow their trainers blindly including my brother. Most of these people want to become like Virat Kohli or Vidyut Jamwa without realising they both do not eat meat.

In this blog, we would talk about the handsome hunk from Bollywood, who has been learning Kalaripatayu since he was three…

Vegan, Healthier and Tastier Mayo Recipe That You Can Try at Home

Mayonaise is the new favourite side item of most youngsters, especially those who love junk food like MOMOS!! Earilier people used to wait till they had momos for having mayonnaise. And requested the vendor to give a little bit of extra mayonnaise. LOL, like the free dhaniyaa..

Well, with time, mayo has become increasingly popular and now it has become a household item which you can find in most middle-class homes, at least in metropolitan cities. Most of us don’t even know what mayonnaise is but we just love having it with salads, sandwiches, burgers, bread etc.

My sister adds…

How Miley Cyrus and Her Claims on Veganism Effecting Her Brain Adversely Are False

Miley Cyrus became the talk of the TOWN (global village) after announcing on a podcast that she is not a strict vegan now because she needed fish for proper brain functioning. Miley claimed that she felt weaker, malnourished and had cognitive issues.

The vegans around the world went crazy after reading her statements and rightly so. Because her reasoning is neither logical nor factual. You wanna quit veganism for whatever reasons fine but propagating such myths about diet and nutrition is not right.

In this blog, we would learn about nutrition for brain functioning and vegan sources of Omegas.


Why Our Ancestors Used Copper Vessels and Utensils

Widespread havoc wreaked by corona has forced the mankind to value their bodies and well being more than what they did earlier. Most of us have Googled immunity boosters at least once. Even the puffed up shoulder guy across the street has stopped taking sterioids and started taking care of his heart and immunity.

People have realised there is no fun to live without good health. Simply none!! And health is also just more than a good looking, nicely shaped body. Your ability to fight diseases and climate is also important for being healthy.

Thanks to COVID-19, we have all…

As a traveller, my biggest turn on is going and visiting the unexplored areas in nature, which are relatively untarnished by Human intervention. The places, where won’t find a lays packet or a beer bottle, the places where nature presents itself to us in all its glory.

But the thing is that every coin has two sides. Visiting such places is a satiating experience but the point to be noted is that such places are usually secluded, at times with no electricity, charging sockets, sometimes no drinking water etc etc. Best of the treks require a few days in reaching…

Ever since coronavirus wreaked havoc in the world the entire global community is going gaga over Indian spices like ginger and turmeric. The overall sale of these spices has also increased. Ministry of Ayush also suggest to drink golden milk as a precautionary measure against corona before going to bed. You can add kesar for more benefits and better taste.

But the problem is of milk. The dairy milk is not really a healthy choice for most adults and it includes a lot of animal cruelty as well. Moreover many people find it hard to digest conventional milk. …

Poonam Gupta

Freelance Writer, Social Media Manager, Hinduwadi, Yoga Lover and Doer

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