Pain Waves Leading To Earthquake

How Pain Waves From Animal Slaughter Cause Earthquakes

Poonam Gupta
5 min readDec 16, 2019

Well if some animal right activist would tell you that mass scale slaughter of animals on a daily basis for years has the potential to cause earthquakes, you would probably laugh it off and call it some kind of propaganda.

But my friends, to tell you the truth that this theory is presented by highly qualified scientists in their book Etiology of Earthquakes: A New Approach.

The scientists who have authored this book are highly qualified and well-known physicists, namely, M. M. Bajaj, M. S. M. Ibrahim, and Vijay Raj Singh.

The theory is based on Pain Wave Theory of Einstein (EPW). It was presented in Russia in 1995.

The BIS (Bajaj-Ibrahim-Singh) Theory claims to be a development on the EPW of Einstein. The theory is based on the evidence the authors have gathered and presented in their seminal work that there is a correlation between earthquakes with the concentrated genocide of animals.

The book collates a wide range of reports from across the globe where millions of animals have been butchered in, or near, the high-risk seismic zones and where earthquakes have taken place.

Einstein Pain Wave Theory

As per Einstein’s pain wave theory, primary seismic waves and secondary seismic waves move swiftly but the pain waves build up over time. And when they eventually reach a threshold the crust of the earth breaks and reacts with an earthquake.

They have studied the complex role of nociceptive waves. In any sentient physical body with the nervous system, intense chemical, mechanical, and thermal, stimulation of sensory nerve cells, called nociceptors, produces a signal. This signal travels along a chain of nerve fibres via the spinal cord to the brain. This enables us to experience pain. Nociceptors require a minimum threshold intensity for triggering a signal to the nervous system. Once this threshold is reached a signal is passed along.

The authors have studied that similar kind of pain waves are generated and passed along the crust of the earth due to the intense noise and tension generated by animals who are about to get slaughtered. These waves result in cracks in the crust in a certain direction.

The effect of the sound caused on the crust, technically known as acoustic anisotropy is what, the authors claim are, causing earthquakes.

Low-frequency resonances are difficult to be felt by people. Earthquakes really high on the Richter scale, due to the slaughter of millions of animals daily for years together due to the accumulated pressure on rocks over the years.

Most science students must have studied resonance in school. How a tiny vibration at a specific frequency can vibrate the whole bridge.

The authors say that sound waves put great stress on rocks. And imagine millions of millions of animals, being butchered daily. And they know long before they are about being slaughtered. They are sentient beings, all of this creates a strong sense of fear and pain in them. Their pain waves’ accumulated pressure on rocks over the years could be strong enough to cause damage.

This daily slaughter of millions of animals continually, almost in parts of the world for several years, generates acoustic anisotropy due to the Einsteinian Pain Waves (EPW) released by dying animals.

The pain waves as I mentioned earlier move slowly and keep getting more and more intense with more and more killings of animals.

When they have reached their threshold energy, the energy is expressed by shaking earth tectonic plates.

The authors also suggest that EPW travel a great distance with time, and hence butchy of one country may lead to an earthquake in another.

Note: (They call it one of the cause. Do not say that it is the only cause.)

Their theory calls large-scale slaughter activity as the causative agent for major earthquakes.

Few examples of such earthquakes that the authors have shared are: Latur (Khillari) earthquake, earthquakes of Uttarkashi, Assam, the earthquakes of Northridge (1994), Long Beach (California — 1933), Landers (California -1992), San Francisco (1906), New Madrid (Missouri — 1811- 12), have been mentioned.

In Japan earthquakes at different times and locations like Kanto (1923), Nobi (1891), Sankiru Tsunami (1933), Tonankal (1944), Nankai (1948), Kjta-Mino (1961), Nigata (1964), Off- Tokachi (1968), Kobe (1995) and the massive slaughter of cattle at Gadhimai, Nepal have all been described to demonstrate a pattern.


Well not really. The power of mind waves has been demonstrated not just by Vedic age saints but also by modern-day mentalists.

After Uri Geller, who is world-famous for bending spoons using his psychic abilities. Now there schools all over the world to help people develop their psychic abilities, nurture and control their mind waves to use them accordingly.

In 1940, a bridge called Tacoma Narrow bridge in the USA was the first documented bridge collapsed because of this resonance effect. The natural frequency of the bridge matched the frequency of airflow, due to design fault. The air flowing over it resulted in the vibration of the entire bridge and it eventually collapsed.

The theory has been proven by the authors mathematically too. Interested folks can check the book. The authors presented the theory in 1995 in Russia and proved how continuous, prolonged and mass-scale murder of animals is causing natural calamities.

The theory has also mentioned that the energy of pain waves emitted from Slaughterhouses is 1040 KW. Now, imagine the number of slaughterhouses, killings and energy being radiated in form of these pain waves.

Honestly, doesn’t come as a surprise to me. Because to understand that such activities disturb the natural balance in multiple ways, it’s only natural that natural disasters would follow. I don’t need lots of science and maths to understand this.

There are researches which show that pain waves also damage and genetic issues to the human embryos.

This theory might be laughed off avid non-vegertarians (as animal rights propaganda) even some scientists because they can’t possibly see a correlation.

Although, in this completely interconnected universe or ecosystem, everything has a correlation with everything. In most of the cases, we are not able to see it or put it in a mathematical expression because of our limited sensory perception, comprehension and analytical abilities for the scale of the universe. That’s why we fail to see how strong some correlations can be.

Einstein’s theory of gravitational waves, Steve Jobs dream of a personal computer, aeroplane, driverless car, a cellphone were also laughed off by many in the scientific community itself.

Because, everyone is limited by their own experience, understanding and imagination. Some people find it hard to accept anything that is beyond their comprehension or out of their current knowledge set.

But almost a century later we know gravitational waves is no farce, personal computer, cellphone, and self-driving cars a reality as well.

To understand the concept of psychic powers, waves, and extrasensory perceptions you can read legendary analytical psychologist Carl Jung.

The same authors have also written a book Classical and Quantum Approach to BIS Effect. You can read that if you want to understand their theories in detail.

As they say, everything that we do comes back to us. Because this is how nature works. Whatever ripple you create in the universe in whatever form, would come back to you sooner or later. You might not care about it but it is what it is.

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